AfghanChoice is a leading multichannel satellite television bouquet of channels broadcasted from Afghanistan. For a decade, Afghan TV channels were broadcasted from various satellites which made it inconvenient for Afghan viewers to enjoy them. Since 2008, we have been constantly on the look out for innovative ways to deliver these channels from a single source and allow them to be received by a single Dish. As of today AfghanChoice made it possible to enreach the bouquet by 10 Afghan channels and growing.

AfghanChoice, bouquets cater for different lifestyles its services will provides all Afghan TV Channels, quality audio channels, radio stations and other interactive services. In addition to bonqute, AfghanChoice is offering TV in BOX solution, playout facilities, occasional services, media monitoring and placement.
AfghanChoice a brand of Liwal Broadcasting Services Division, is one of the outstanding examples of a pioneering services, owned by Liwal Limited, a leading player providing technology based solutions in Afghanistan for almost three decades. Liwal Limited involvement in Afghanistan goes beyond its core business. Through its invocation, the company actively participates in social transformation through technology, enables individuals and communities to help themselves ultimately leading to growth of country and a better life for all.

Unfortunately, AfghanChoice discontinued its services due to the dummping policies of the Ashraf Ghani Government and stopped its award winning Liwal Distance School beamed from Pashto TV in 2018.